Refereed Articles  (Students advised by me are denoted by *)

    • Mary G. and Joseph Natrella Scholarship Award Winning paper from the Quality and Productivity Section of American Statistical Association (ASA)
  • Pan, Q.* and Byon, E., 2017, Adaptive extreme load estimation in wind turbines, In Proceedings of the AIAA Science and Technology Forum and Exposition.
  • Choe, Y.*, Byon, E., Jin, J., Guo, W., and Li, J., 2016, Change-point detection in solar panel performance analysis, In Proceeding of the Industrial Engineering Research Conference, Anaheim, California, May 21-24, 2016.
    • Best Paper Award winning paper in Energy Systems track.
  • Zhang, Y., Zhang, J., Kane, M. B., Häckell, M. Byon, E., Rolfes, R. and Lynch, J. P., 2015, Wireless Monitoring and Spectral Analysis of a 3 kW Wind Turbine for Condition Monitoring, In Proceedings of the 10th International Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring 2015, Stanford, CA, September 1-3.
  • Lin, Y., Liu, K., Byon, E., Qian, X and Huang, 2015, S. Domain-knowledge driven cognitive degradation modeling of alzheimer’s disease, In Proceedings of SIAM (Society for industrial and Applied Mathematics) International Conference on Data Mining (SDM) conference (historical paper acceptance rate < 25%).
  • Byon, E. 2013, Wind turbine operations and maintenance: A tractable approximation of dynamic decision-making, IIE Transactions on Quality and Reliability Engineering, Vol. 45, No. 11, pp. 1188-1201 
    • Best applications paper award in IIE Transactions Focused Issue on Quality & Reliability Engineering.
    • Finalist in 2014 INFORMS Energy, Natural Resources, and the Environment (ENRE) Young Researcher Prize
    • Featured by the Editor-in-Chief in the October Issue 2013 of IE Magazine.
  • Byon, E., Ntaimo, L., Singh, C., and Ding, Y., 2013, Wind energy facility reliability and maintenance, Handbook of Wind Power Systems, Energy Systems, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg (edited by Pardalos, Pereira, Rebennack and Boyko, this book-chapter article was peer-reviewed). 
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