Ph.D.  Students (Current and Past)

  • Bingjie Liu, Ph.D. Candidate
  • Youngchan Jang, Ph.D. Candidate
  • Qiyun Pan, Ph.D. (Graduated in 2019) “Extreme Quantile Estimation and Uncertainty Quantification with Stochastic Simulation Models”
    Best Student Paper Finalist in the 2017 INFORMS Quality, Statistics and Reliability (QSR) section
    – Current position: Data Scientist at Precima
  • Mingdi You, Ph.D. (Graduated in 2017)“Statistical Models for Characterizing Heterogeneous Wake Effects in a Wind Farm,” (Current position: Quantitative Analyst at Ford Motor Company)
    Best Student Paper award winner in 2015 INFORMS Data Mining Section
    – Current position: Quantitative Analyst at Ford Motor Company
  • Youngjun Choe, Ph.D. (Graduated in 2016) “Reliability Evaluation and Uncertainty Quantification with Stochastic Simulation Models,” (Current position: Assistant professor at the University of Washington)
    – Best Paper Award in Energy Systems Track in the 2016 ISERC Conference
    – Mary G. and Joseph Natrella Scholarship Award Recipient
    – Finalist in 2015 INFORMS Quality, Reliability and Statistics (QSR) Section Refereed Best Paper Competition
    – Current position: Assistant Professor at the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department of the University of Washington

Master graduates

  • Shouran Li, “Nonparametric Importance Sampling Density with Stochastic Computer Models”;2019
  • Yanyi Song, “Characterization of Spatial Variations in Wind Farm”; 2015
  • Xuan Wang, “Smart Binning in Stochastic Simuations”; 2014
  • Youngchan Jang, “Online Learning for Electric Power Demand Prediction”; 2013

 Undergraduate major projects directed:  

  • Garrett Schaub, “Understaning Building Energy Simulation”; 2019
  • Sejin Park and Steve Woo, “Spatial wind modeling and analysis”; 2019
  • Kan Ito, “Reliability Analysis of Offshore Turbines”; 2015
  • Chao Qin, “Wind Farm Design Optimization”; 2013
  • Sean Locke, “Investigation of Wind Turbine Performance with Different Designs”; 2013
  • Shijun Ma, “Nonlinear Control Optimization for Improvement of Wind Turbine Performance”; 2012
  • David Kalinowski, “Investigation of the Effects of Airfoil on Wind Turbine Reliability”; 2011
  • Carolina Rivera, “Understanding and Modeling Wind Turbine Operations; 2009- 2010